Elizaveta Kuzyakova

> multichannel

Al Niente. A song from a past time 
Yesh me’Ayin

> live peformance
Tselem Enosh

> installations

> sound design

Experimental/ Electronic sound and music
For sound design inquires contact lizakuzyakova@gmail.com

2023 > Eye’s Tide. Directors: Viola Busi, Liza Kuzyakova.  NDT-2

(2021-2022) 15’48
short movie by Anna Melnikova
sound design & music - Elizaveta Kuzyakova

(2022) 9’
short movie by Anna Melnikova and Daria Likhaya
sound design & music - Elizaveta Kuzyakova

Two horses, Soundscape
Installation and theatrical performance,  Korzo theatre, The Hague, Netherlands, April 5 2022
sculptures: Juliette Hengst
sound: Elizaveta Kuzyakova

                                  Performance at Korzo theatre, w Juliette Hengst

Erlier Selected Works

Go into the dark forest and encounter ZOOPARK of mythical creatures


Zoopark is a project that consists of a series of four independent abstract stories based on characters of Russian folklore shot on a night-vision camera. It is a collaboration with a Russian filmmaker Maria Hertz, who works in the field of experimental fashion projects. Sound design was made by Elizaveta Kuzyakova, who incorporated her personal way of working with field recording with experimental electronic sounds along with specially recorded material.

director - Maria Herz
sound - Elizaveta Kuzyakova
dop - Sergey Kamenshikov
publication - Gruppemagazine