Elizaveta Kuzyakova

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Al Niente. A song from a past time 
Yesh me’Ayin

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Tselem Enosh

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Liza Kuzyakova is a composer, multimedia artist, performer and researcher based in The Netherlands. Weaving a thread of inspiration from experimental theatre practices, her current research relates to dramatically unfolding space in electroacoustic music, the creation of often surreal fictional realms, and an investigation of ruin as a metaphor for sonic material.  

Liza has collaborated with numerous creators and has presented her works in a variety of contexts including acousmatic concerts, contemporary dance, performances, short films, and exhibitions such as Gaudeamus Festival, Rewire Festival, NDT, iii, Grey Space in the Middle, Buda BXL, WEST Den Haag.

Her solo project Sáof evolves around noise/drone/power electronics, and she is part of an industrial/noise project Tselem Enosh with Amos Peled 
 Photo by Amos Peled, Germany, 2022 

> Liza Kuzyakova
Electroacoustic Live performance at Stromspieser, Germany
26 May 

> Al Niente. A Song From a Past Time III
(composition for cello and 8-channel fixed media)
22-23 June, Dutch Premiere, Den Haag

Electroacoustic pieces      
Sound For
Tselem Enosh  


Al Niente. A Song From a Pasrt Time I-III (8ch & cello) [composition]
Yesh me’Ayin (8ch) [fixed media]
Ex Nihilo in Ghost Sound compilation by Unheard Records [track] 
GF035: Sáof at RadioWORM [mix]
Sarid (14ch) [fixed media]
Echo of the zero and the second hundred: delusions of wondering rumble (8ch) [sound installation]
RAD [composition for rotating speaker]
Ultra-Sonic-Face [composition]
the bird feeder [track]

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Live performance

Tselem Enosh 

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Dilating Arcana [soon]
Gnezdo  [soon]
Two horses, Soundscape, w/ Juliette Hengst [Korzo theatre]