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15:15 minute video work, 2018

Intimacy video work is the main part of the Intimacy project with a Shape The Relief series of photographs. It's an exploration of the possibilities of a human-nature relationship with the aim to find alternative perspectives of its perception and new ways of coexistence.

The work captures three natural sceneries in Moscow, where the artist-performer spend time alone, trying to adapt her body-shape to the existing forms of the location. Repeating reliefs by the body, in white clothes and barefoot, Intimacy offers a way of immersion in a state of deeper experience, ability to feel the subtle

Shape the relief
series of photographs, 2018-2019

Photographs are the second part of the Intimacy project. The body marks a big variety of landscapes without specificity of time and place and with no link to culture-identifying aspects.

Both Intimacy and Shape the relied works were presented at the Bunker gallery in Manchester as part of the Machester edition#1 Moscow Calling exhibition in may 2019

 Intimacy project as part of the group exhibition Moscow Calling, PS Mirabel & Bunker gallery, Manchester, UK, 02-8/05/2019            

Moscow Calling is an exhibition curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye showcasing the work of emerging artists from Moscow: Liza Kuzyakova, Rita Sergeeva, Liza Podolskaya, Olga Popova, Maria Goryachkina and Anna Piltsova. Intimacy video work and the Shape The Relief series in the total amount of eight photographs were presented at the exhibition
Transmitter was a second edition of Moscow Calling exhibition, a collaboration between Fine Art students from Manchester School of Art and the British Higher School of Art and Design, Moscow with series of new works being presented at FutureLab West Bund Art Centre, Shanghai 28/11/2020 – 06/12/2020

Curated by Sean Kaye, Harry Meadley & Magnus Quaife