20221                electroacoustic composition (multichannel; acousmatic)

Yesh me’Ayin 

stereo / 8-channel fixed media composition

Yesh me'Ayin - a composition prepared in the Analogue Studio BEA5 of the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Using the studio's analogue equipment from the 60s and later for sound transformation, and experimenting with techniques of acousmatic music, the piece is an elaboration on an authentic collection of recorded material.

The work unfolds as an electric field, a pulsating soundscape of a traditional Chinese instrument - guqin, and deconstructed percussion; a dynamic interplay between its recurring elements.


May 2021 

A multichannel version for 8 speakers was presented in Arnold Schönbergzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium in May 2021.,