Tselem Enosh

about Tselem Enosh צלם אנוש

Tselem Enosh is a project of Liza Kuzyakova (Sáof) and Amos Peled (Thomim, Karkait, WEC). Their music exists in the intersection of power electronics, industrial rhythms, and occasional bursts of noise, building another confusing reality - ambient in the terror of the sound. Their live shows drag a listener into an experience of hypnotic and repetitive sound, almost to become a lullaby of unspoken tales. Screams screeching from within the throat, strings opening gates to other ears, noise unravelling for the chambers of the soul.

Since the beginning of the project in 2021, Liza and Amos appeared in a variety of venues in Europe and abroad. 

Their track 'the bird feeder' was recently released on the berlin-based label posthoc.



the bird feeder  (listen; info)  
on <Summer Vol.2> compilation

‘the bird feeeder’ in compilation ‘Summer Vol.2’ of PostHoc.


May 20 >> Tselem Enosh, Our Lady of The Assumption Church, Voorburg NL
February 5 >> Tselem Enosh, KRAH#2, Den Haag NL


November 19 >> Tselem Enosh, Moving Downstairs, Grey Space in The Middle, Den Haag NL

October 17 >> Thomim, Mazkeka, Jerusalem IL
October 16 >> Thomim, Zimmer, Tel Aviv IL
October 6 >> Tselem Enosh, Barbur, Jerusalem IL

Summer Tour 2022

September 8 >> Thomim, BlackBrick, Gogbot festival, Enshede NL
August 26 >> Thomim, Aleponija, Riga LT
August 17  >> Thomim, AL Berlin DE
August 11-14 >> Tselem Enosh w/ Yoel Peled, Traumburg Festival, Schloss Dornmurg An Der Elbe DE
August 11 >> Thomim & Sáof, Loophole, Berlin DE

June 11 >> The animal whose ear it is, Crucible, BlackBrick, Enshede NL
Febraury 19  >> Live performance w Amos Peled, Melkwegstraat, The Hague NL


Live performance:



about Thomim תהומים

Thomim is a concoction of the words twin and abyss in Hebrew. Thomim is an industrial-noise-power electronics performance project of Yoel and Amos Peled, recently joined by Liza Kuzyakova. Started in 2015, the project has experienced many incarnations since, performed in Europe and in all corners of Israel.

Their music and performances take many shapes, they have no songs, everything is telepathy. Each performance reveals a new experience. Whether it's bringing a huge piece of metal into space and playing only on it, or finding a snail near the venue and telling its story, whether it's hiding inside a huge wooden box cut off from the environment, or translating the brain waves and electrical activity of the heart into noise. Whether it’s getting into that garbage bag and moving in an infinite circular motion throughout the show.

More about the project: Thomim 



Summer Tour 2022 with Thomim / Tselem Enosh / Sáof projects with Amos and Yoel Peled and Liza Kuzyakova.  Live performances in the darkest of corners, tresspasing European borders and surviving on the edge of vocal chords.  


photos by Louis Jaccoud