Multichannel Composition:

Al Niente. A song from a past time - composition for cello and fixed-media (8ch) (2023)
Sarid (14ch)  - fixed media 12’ (2022) Echo of the zero and the second hundred: delusions of wondering rumble (8ch) [sound installation] 12’5 (2022)
Yesh me’Ayin (8ch) - fixed media 9’ (2021)

WFS Festival 2023 (Game of Life system, 192 speakers)


(2022) 12’

Saríd שָׂרִיד, from Hebrew, describes something that remains after the destruction and that resembles existence of the whole. A trace of something disappearing or no longer existing, it leaves only reminiscences, fading echoes of the sound.

A thrilling accession towards noise, Sarid reveals a unique and sensitive approach to the tension between distortion and essence, absence and delicate prominence, going further than the material itself. Uncovering the piercing density and convulsive fluctuations of energy, the piece uses the instability of sound as a starting point and constructs reality in between careful displacement and complete chaos.  A meld of many contributions, poetic and rough, remnants of noise adapted to new sonic realities.

June 4 2022  
Sept 2022

Dec 2022

17 May 2023
Sarid (14ch) was premiered at BUDA BXL, Brussels, Belgium as part of ‘The Tar Pits’ concert, June 4 2022

Sarid (8ch) at the Concert Hall, Den Haag NL

Sarid (8ch) at the Toonzaal, Willem Zwee, Den Bosch NL,

Sarid (12ch), Composer Rostrum, Den Haag NL,

        Yesh me’Ayin

stereo / 8-channel fixed media composition
(2021) 9'12

Yesh me'Ayin - a composition prepared in the Analogue Studio BEA5 of the Institute of Sonology in The Hague. Using the studio's analogue equipment from the 60s and later for sound transformation, and experimenting with techniques of acousmatic music, the piece is an elaboration on an authentic collection of recorded material.

The work unfolds as an electric field, a pulsating soundscape of a traditional Chinese instrument - guqin, and deconstructed percussion; a dynamic interplay between its recurring elements.

May 2021.  

A multichannel version for 8 speakers was presented in Arnold Schönbergzaal, Koninklijk Conservatorium in May 2021. ,

        Echo of the zero and the second hundred: delusions of wondering rumble

8-ch sound installation
(2022) 12’5
Het HEM, Zaandam, Netherlands

Taking place from the middle of the long tunnel, a sound system spreads for 75 meters, merging acoustical spaces into a whole vibrating continuity. A composition for the acoustics of the tunnel, the 'Echo of the zero..' originates from a small resonating room and dramatically expands to evoke a response of the space all along its joints.

May 2022   
Exhibition, Het HEM, Zaandam, Netherlands

Research on Rotating Audio Device (RAD) 

Composition and a feedback-based live performance on a rotating speaker built by Robert Pravda. 
The reaserch took place with support of the studio LOOS and Johan van Kreij.

The concert took place on June 18 2022 at the Studio LOOS, The Hague NL

project with a rotaing speaker RAD, studio LOOS april-june 2022


Composition for two ultrasonic masks,  collaboration with Amos Peled
15-20’ (2022)

Ultra-Sonic-Face is a performance piece in which the speaker is worn on the face by the performer as a mask, cultivating a new sense of space based on auditory perception. The unique characteristics of the ultrasonic speaker technology allows the sound to be transmitted in a narrow directional beam, and for the sound to be reflected from the architecture of the space, highlighting the unique features of the surrounding. 

Performed with Amos and Yoel Peled as part of the iii ‘No Patent Pending #43 program at Gaudeamus festival, Ultrecht NL, 10 september 2022 


Piece for the Anechoic Chamber

Composition for 6ch 
Presented at the anechoic chamber in TU Delft, NL 

Phantom Limb

Composition & sound design for Amos Peled

Premiere 2023 Rewire Festival
Supported by iii