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BUDA BXL, Brussels


8ch fixed media (original 14ch)
(2022) 12’5
by Liza Kuzyakova

Saríd שָׂרִיד, from Hebrew, describes something that remains after destruction and that resembles existence of the whole. A trace of something disappearing or no longer existing, it leaves only reminiscences, fading echoes of the sound.

A thrilling accession towards noise and sonar decomposition, Sarid reveals a unique and sensitive approach to the tension between distortion and essence, absence and delicate prominence. It uses the instability of sound as a starting point and, uncovering the piercing density, constructs reality in between careful displacement and complete chaos.

A meld of many contributions, poetic and rough, remnants of noise adapted to new sonic realities.

Sarid (14ch) was premiered at BUDA BXL, Brussels, Belgium as part of ‘The Tar Pits’ concert, June 4 2022

Sarid (8ch) at the Concert Hall, Den Haag NL, September 2022
Sarid (8ch) at the Toonzaal, Willem Zwee, Den Bosch NL, December 2022